Finding Freedom: Life in the Land of Opportunity

As an Indian who has chosen to make a life in the United States, I frequently get asked, "Arjun, why America? Why would you want to live thousands of miles away from your roots?" For one thing, America, to me, and many like me, represents freedom - the freedom to be, the freedom to do, and the freedom to become. But it's more than just that. Allow me to take you on this journey of discovery, as I articulate and detail my experiences and reasons behind the monumental decision of moving to the so-called "Land of Opportunity".

The Allure of Diversity and Acceptance

America, with its deep-rooted cultures and vast global melting pot ethos, has always been attractively distinct to me. The acceptance and celebration of diversity that America exhibits is unlike any country I’ve ever experienced before. This country warmly embraces others' traditions, cultures, and cuisines while integrating them into its society. This cultural fusion is something that has always fascinated me about the United States. Indians, Hispanics, Africans, Europeans; we all live together, prosper together and celebrate each other's uniqueness. Diversity leads to creativity, and navigating such a multicultural environment allows you to be a more holistic individual.

Education and Professional Opportunity Galore

Let's get this straight - nothing compares to the education quality in the US. One of the reasons why the country is thronged by young Indian students every year is because of the enticing promise of world-class education. When I initially thought about moving, it was principally to pursue higher studies at a leading university. The education society places a substantial emphasis on critical thinking, problem-solving, and team-building skills - skills that propel and promote entrepreneurial spirit. Universities here are innovation hubs where every imaginative idea is encouraged, and where cutting-edge research is being carried out. It is something that can hardly be matched elsewhere.

Post graduation, the widespread professional opportunities available, especially in fields like technology, research, medical, and business is another reason why America is so captivating. In spite of my humble beginnings and the language barriers inherent, Lady Luck shone brightly on me, and at present, I am thriving in a field I am truly passionate about. A story that resonates with thousands of other immigrants as well.

Raising a Family: The American Dream

The minute my wife, Sienna, and I decided to start a family, we agreed the United States was the place we would call home. The country's child-centered and family-oriented culture played a significant role in our decision. Our children would grow up in a society where they are not just moulded by parental and societal expectations but have the freedom to explore and become whatever they desire to be. They will have opportunities in art, science, sports, and any field their little hearts take a shine to.

That's not implying that life here is a rose garden without thorns - There are struggles, just like any other country, and we have experienced our fair share. From missing the smell of wet mud after monsoons in India, to endeavoring to perfect the art of preparing Thanksgiving turkey in November, it has been a rollercoaster of a journey. However, the joys certainly outweigh the trials and challenges.

Everyday Delights: The Little Things That Count

It’s not just the big differences that appealed to me about America. It's also the little things that endear you to this new life you're starting. The freedom to have late-night hikes in well-lit parks, the joy of spending a day outdoors every weekend barbecuing with neighbors, the thrill of catching a live concert in your favorite band's hometown, the Saturday morning rituals - a leisurely cup of hot coffee while browsing garage sales. These are the experiences that thrilled me, and still do, about living in America, these are memories that we are making, memories that will last a lifetime.

Living in America has been an incredibly transformative journey, one that has made me appreciate the values I’ve grown up with while also learning new ones. I am an Indian, I always will be, but now I am also a little bit American. And that's the beautiful thing about this country, it accepts you, nurtures you, and lets you grow into a better version of yourself while allowing you to stay true to your roots.